“Getting” and “Keeping” Patients Physically Active

No two patients are exactly alike and navigating alone to change lifestyle habits is hard.

What's easy?

Working closely with our Personal Trainers, who tailor exercise programs to patients’ individual needs. Customizing programs for every patient ensures a great experience, motivates patients to stay active and generates successful outcomes.

Coaches Keep Close contact with Patients

When your patient signs in they are paired up with their own certified personal trainer. During the first week the coach and patient will talk. The Coach will assess the patient and tailor their exercise program. Weekly follow-up emails will keep patients engaged and help trainers modify and progress patient exercises. Trainers send updated exercise programs to patients as they progress with their exercises.

Certified Fitness professionals

Creating and personalizing fitness programs for patients is a priority of Breoot. We carefully select only experienced and certified fitness professionals to collaborate and work with patients.

Great Value for Patients

Using a certified personal trainer is cost prohibitive for most patients. But trying to start and maintain a new exercise program alone is very challenging. We enable patients to work closely with certified fitness professionals at a fraction of the normal cost.