Health Assessments

Periodic self-assessment evaluations are helpful for patients, clinicians and coaches to monitor progress and outcomes from increased physical activity. Patients can easily access assessment forms, which include the PAVS, PARQ, Fitness test, General wellness assessment, Sleep assessment, and stress scale.

Health Metrics

Everyone's genetics are different, not everyone sees quick changes in the mirror but real health benefits start almost immediately when patients start an exercise program. Nothing better than real numbers to encourage patients that their increased activity is paying off!

Monitoring Exercise Progress

Tracking exercise activity and program compliance will keep patients on track and help notify coaches if a little more encouragement is needed. The system automatically tracks patient logins and video views. Patients can also check-off if they have completed their exercises.

Patient Feedback

Patients can provide feedback on their programs, such as difficulty performing their exercises, if they feel the program is helping them and if they are experiencing any problems. Coaches can access this feedback and make necessary changes to programs if needed.


Educational content in the form of short easily digestible bits can be very helpful to patients working to modify their lifestyle and increase physical activity. Coaches and clinicians are able to create and send articles to their patients