Prescribing Exercise
A powerful medication

Exercise programs have been scientifically proven to help prevent and treat chronic disease, decrease mortality risk and decrease overall health care costs. Through BREOOT, healthcare professionals prescribe exercise prevention and intervention programs, to their patients, just like they prescribe any other medication.

Certified Trainers
Guiding patients to successful outcomes

In addition to “getting” your patients physically active, it is important that we “keep” your patients active. When your patient signs up they are paired up with their own certified personal trainer. Trainers work closely with your patients to tailor their exercise programs to their individual needs, ensure a great experience and generate successful outcomes.

Accessing Exercise
We help unclog the barriers to exercising

Only a small percentage of patients perform their recommended amount of exercise either because they do not know what to do or do not have the means to hire a personal trainer. Breoot unclogs this barrier by providing easy affordable access to fulfill their exercise prescriptions.

Patient Engagement
Keeping patients physically active

Improve patient compliance and success in implementing their exercise programs. Features designed to engage patients include: Automated reminders to patients to do their exercises, ability to monitor patient progress, compliance and outcomes; periodic self-assessment evaluations; Healthcare metrics presented to patients to provide feedback; helpful articles, patient education, and more!

Patients are Online
80% of all internet users look for health and fitness information online.

Patients are increasingly moving online to the internet to access and obtain their healthcare. BREOOT enables healthcare professionals to leverage the widespread access to smartphones and the internet and engage their patients to successfully increase their physical activity in a medium that patients feel comfortable and familiar.

HIPAA & HITECH Compliant

Protecting electronic personal health information is a priority at Breoot. Your data is safe, secure, and private at all times with Breoot, which complies with the security and privacy rules of HIPAA and HITECH. See Breoot Privacy Policy for Additional Information.