You prescribe an exercise program

You simply select the exercise program that fits your patient’s needs (i.e. the Beginners Exercise Program) and send it electronically through the portal. That’s it! Takes less than a minute to do. Studies have shown that simply providing a written prescription is an effective means of motivating patients to be more physically active, sometimes by as much as one hour per week !

Patients login online, from home or on the go

Your patient receives an email with a link to the portal. They create a password, purchase the program, and are immediately able to access their exercise programs with their smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

Patients are paired with a fitness professional

In addition to “getting” your patients more physically active, it is important that we “keep” your patients active. When your patient signs up they are paired up with a certified fitness professional. The fitness professional works closely with your patients to tailor their exercise programs to their individual needs and ensure a great experience.

We help keep your patients engaged

We have incorporated multiple features to improve patient compliance and success in implementing their programs.

  • Automated HIPAA compliant notifications are sent to patients' email
  • Ability to monitor patient progress, compliance and outcomes
  • Healthcare metrics presented to patients to provide feedback
  • Secure HIPAA compliant messaging between patient and fitness professional
  • Analytics to monitor patient engagement and clinician engagement