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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully we can lay some of your worries to rest, with the most common queries.

Where does the name BREOOT come from?

Definition - BREOOT: Latin anatomical term for vessel or conduit

Who we are: BREOOT is the conduit for health care professionals to deliver trusted health care, wellness and prevention programs to patients online.

Nope, we here at BREOOT do not offer medical services of any kind. We're just a friendly group of people who are passionate about helping physicians provide great prevention and life style programs to their patients.

All of our staff are medically trained. You can trust us, and our treatments, as much as you trust your own General Practitioner. We're all dedicated to healthcare professionals, and are available to call and have a chat with you to ease your concerns at: (888) 123-4567

Simply click here and enter your email address and password. If you're a new healthcare provider, click Join Now to create your account.

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Healthcare providers have access to BREOOT prevention programs. Patient’s can only access the programs prescribed by their healthcare provider.

You bet! It is super easy to upload your own content, videos, pictures and PDFs

No problem – we have integrated a web store with direct links to any equipment you’ll need to purchase.

Absolutely. Take us on the go, at home, the gym or on the road.


Physician directed prevention & intervention programs that are tailored to a patient’s individual needs. Patients access these programs through an internet portal. These programs provide education to empower patients, skills for patients to implement change, timeline and goals to direct patients to success and monitoring to provide patients with the necessary feedback to achieve their goals.


Although patients are increasingly turning to the internet for their healthcare, there is still the significant hurdle for patients to determine what course of treatment is best for them and who to trust. Who do patients trust? They trust their healthcare professional and the treatments they prescribe and deliver through the BREOOT platform.